Summer Meltdown is grateful to these community members who have chosen to spread their skills at Summer Meltdown this year!



Workshop Details

Rise & Shine Yoga
With Bryan Fuss
Rise and shine yoga offers festival attendees an opportunity to recharge and reset both the body and mind before setting forth on their day. These classes are open to all levels of practitioners; from first timers to advanced students. Yoga is about increasing awareness. In support of this idea, grander themes will be incorporated into classes which students can carry and apply into their lives once they step off the mat. Classes will be vinyasa flow structured and leave students feeling energized and stress-free. Be prepared to sweat a little, laugh a lot, and maybe learn something about yourself. Namaste.

Transcend Yoga
With Shanogi Yoga

Slowing down yoga movement, with a deep focus on breath and meditation. Restore yourself.

Mountainmind Meditation
With Erica Kutz

The root philosophy underlying Mountainmind is ‘be the change, see the change’. Choosing an intention each day, to connect with your purpose as an individual, and how you can make an impact.

Daily challenges are part of our journey towards an enlightened vision of clarity. Solving problems, uncovering solutions, and expanding our consciousness is part of the evolution process as human beings.

Lessons I have learned in the outdoors, meshed with eastern philosophy, have resulted in a series of metaphors that I utilize in guided meditations taking place after a daily yoga practice. These meditations will be provided as optional offerings after morning yoga in the late night tent.

Permaculture Activation
With Bruce Horowitz

Humanity stands at a crossroads: Will we continue to degrade the planet until it is soon uninhabitable? Or will we make a radical break with our current ways and take the path toward regeneration? Permaculture empowers you with the tools to take the latter path: the one of maximal joy, connection and meaningful existence! We will cover ethics, principles and techniques so you can craft your personal strategy to be part of the Deep Green Economy. Leave this workshop totally stoked to be part of the solution!

Breaking the Beat Breakdancing Primer
With Ben Isaacs

Breaking the Beat is an interactive workshop. In 1 hour, we will cover the philosophical undertones of Breakdancing, we will learn to Breakdance, learn what dancers are trying to do when they step into the circle and walk away with a better conception of what to look for when watching breakers, improvisers or any other dancers. Put it all together and you’re breaking the beat!! What are Breakdancers doing when responding to music? Use your mind and Body! Explore how dancers respond to music. Come out and use your body to break the beat with Benny!

Bhakti Flow Yoga
With Jenna Crouch

Tap into the wisdom and generosity of your heart in this powerful flow yoga class. Bhakti is the yoga of devotion, devotion to the highest source of wisdom that resides in our hearts. It is a simple, yet profound way to embrace the connection we share with all of life. In this 90 minute class, we will move through a strong flow practice that weaves together fun, physically challenging poses along with teachings that create space for heart opening. Get ready to sweat, breathe, have fun, and move in joyful unity!