Taking the shuttle is the greenest way to get to Meltdown unless you’re biking or hiking all the way to Darrington. By traveling together, we burn less fossil fuel. Also, cars take up space! We dream of a world with less parking lots and more of the things we love (trees! camping! stages!) everywhere. Additionally, having a professional, well-rested driver on Monday morning is a benefit that can’t be argued with.

Shuttles depart from Seattle on Thursday at 11 am for a complimentary early arrival by noon, and on Thursday at 6:30 pm to get you there with just enough light left to find your friends and set up. Shuttles return at 10 am on Monday morning.

If you don’t live in Seattle and want a shuttle to leave from your city, rally your friends. Each of you should put in a request at the shuttle booking link below, and if there are enough requests, the shuttle will be added!

Please note: it’s best to book your shuttle ASAP if you intend to take one. Don’t wait until the last minute!

2017 Shuttle Prices

  • Round Trip from Seattle – SOLD OUT
  • One Way to or from Seattle – SOLD OUT

Almost sold? Here’s a breakdown:

Taking your own round trip car from Seattle:

  • $25 Parking Pass (after fees)
  • ~ $20 Gas (150 miles round trip)
  • ~ $10 Car Wash
  • 3 Hours Driving

Taking a shuttle round trip from Seattle:

  • $44

Shuttle FAQ

Will there be enough room for my gear?
Yes! The company we are working with specifically provides shuttles to camping festivals. Bring it all!

Where do shuttles leave from?

Shuttles depart from Seattle right now, but if you request a shuttle from your city it might be added!

When do shuttles depart?

Shuttles depart from Seattle at 11 am and 6:30 pm on the Thursday of the festival.

When do shuttles take me home?

Shuttles depart Meltdown Monday morning at 10 am

Can I buy a one-way shuttle?


All shuttle services for Summer Meltdown are provided by our friends at