Early Bird Tickets are now sold out. Please join the mailing list to receive an update for the general on sale in January!

Summer Meltdown 2018 is August 2-5.

With Early Bird Tickets, you get the most affordable Meltdown price, as well as early entry at 10 am on Thursday to select your spot in the Campgrounds.



This ticket is for youth ages 9 to 15. Children 8 and under enter free of charge.


What’s included in an Early Bird Ticket?
This ticket includes access to all stages and shows, as well as first-come, first-serve camping in our beautiful Douglas Fir forest or our grassy meadows. With an Early Bird Ticket, you get to choose your campground first, starting at 10 am on Thursday.

On site tent camping is optional, and parking is available in the lot 1/4 mile from the camping area with a General Parking Pass. If you are staying off-site and driving to the festival each day, choose this ticket type.

If I buy an Early Bird Ticket, but my friend waits and buys a normal ticket, can they enter early with me?
Nope! Your friend had better get their butt in gear before these things sell out. Early Arrival is for the ticketholder only.

Can my child (under age 9), enter with me early?
Yes! But if they are age 9 or older, they need their own Early Entry Youth Pass! Those will sell out too.

When can I buy a Car Camping or RV Pass?
Hold tight – we will send out an email when those go on sale in 2018. Join the mailing list.

Why are there two tiers of Early Bird this year?
We wanted to let a few more people enter early because these passes sold out so fast last year. But we also had to make the numbers work. Tier 1 is now sold out.

We wish we could throw this festival for free. It would make things a lot easier!

What happens once Early Birds sell out?
After Early Birds sell out, we go back into hibernation for a minute, with General Admission tickets going on sale in early 2018!

Make sure you’re on the mailing list to be in the know on that.

But I want to see the lineup before I buy a ticket?
No problem! Join the mailing list here and stay tuned.

This Early Birds are for folks who know they want to be at Meltdown, no matter who plays.

Video: Plicks Flicks
Music: Decent at Best – Retroactive Stimulation