1: Chanti Darling p. noun ‘ʃǽnti dɑ́rlɪŋ- :Future Funktified Post R&B(oogie) ; Sexy jams for days on in ;Not so Quiet Storm…

An amalgamation of a life lived on the dance floor, and a love for all things R&B; Chanti Darling is the brainchild of singer, dancer, and producer/DJ Chanticleer Trü. His upcoming album “RNB Vol. 1” is a groove inspired homage that connects the dots between Disco, Boogie, Freestyle, New Jack Swing, House and other genres whose origins connect to the R&B genre. With a stage show that precedes itself as an explosion of dance-worthy moments that propel even the stiffest of audiences to lose control; its no wonder that “RNB Vol.1” is one of the most anticipated releases coming out of the pacific northwest music scene this year.
Come prepared to dance.

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