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In the making of their fourth album Headlight, Della Mae claimed a more daring sense of freedom than they’d ever allowed themselves before. Boldly breaking genre convention, the Grammy Award-nominated band pushed beyond their bluegrass roots and followed their instinct to their most sonically adventurous body of work to date. And in their lyrics, Della Mae fully embraced the album’s potential as a platform for change, delivering a collection of songs at turns fearlessly personal and powerfully resonant. Produced by Dan Knobler (Lake Street Dive, Caroline Spence) and tracked at Sound Emporium Studios in Nashville, Headlight features an exceptional lineup of guest musicians, many of whom contribute on instruments entirely new to Della Mae’s output: keys, drums, electric guitar. The result is a thrillingly dynamic sound, achieved in part by recording most of the songs live. Still, the album’s kinetic urgency never overshadows the eloquence of Della Mae’s lyrical storytelling. “A lot of the songs are snapshots of different women at different stages of their lives,” notes Ludiker. “At the same time, we are sharing very intimate things that we’ve personally experienced, in a way that we haven’t quite done before.” For Della Mae, Headlight marks a whole new level of fulfillment of their longtime mission as well as a profound evolution from their earliest days. "It’s important to us to back up what we stand for with what we say in songs,” says Woodsmith. “This is our contribution as a band: to keep up the tradition of the women who trailblazed before us and leave the world a better place than when we found it”

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