The Mondegreens



The Mondegreens is a group of five Seattle-based musicians, carving out a niche in the city’s prolific indie rock scene, one that centers on wide dynamic swings and ever present three-part harmonies. The group’s two frontmen, David Friedlander and Russell Rabut, draw on over a decade of singing together, spinning harmonic webs across the peaks and valleys of the group’s vibrant sound, their voices as likely to combine over a selection from Neil Young’s back catalog, as a slacker rock anthem from their youth.

Since moving to the PNW three years ago, the rural Northern California-bred band has grown steadily, most recently supporting national acts like The Stone Foxes, The Donkeys, and Orgone. With a followup to their acclaimed 2015 debut, Kid Tell Time, due out this summer, The Mondegreens will spend 2018 filling living rooms, festival stages, and street corners alike with their energy, harmony, and everything in between.

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