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Seattle’s WOLFCHILD is a collective of musicians creating a sound that blends the worlds of lyrical dreamy-folk music with the dramatic cinematic swells of Pink Floyd-esque alt-rock. Frontman Gabriel Wolfchild spent his early years cutting his teeth as an acoustic singer-songwriter and became known for his tenderly poetic and at times tragic style that allows listeners to open up, dive deep, and explore the full extent of their own emotional passageways. His songwriting is met with ethereal 4 piece vocal harmonies, gravity-defying guitar, warm bass tones and potent percussion to create an immersive sound that blurs the line between rock show and performance art. In 2017 the band independently released their first EP debut, Mornings Like These, produced and recorded by Eric Lilavois (Saint Motel, Atlas Genius) at the famed London Bridge Studio. Recently back at the studio, they have prepared a full length record set to release early 2020. The new album “The Earth As Seen From The Moon” strives to remind us of our interconnected nature by speaking both internally to the heart as well as externally by witnessing life from a global perspective. In this day and age of political division and environmental devastation we are faced with a choice to either join hands and work together to reverse the damage that has been done, or parish at the hands of apathy and alienation. We all are children of this planet, we all need clean water, pure air, and healthy food. When you see the Earth from the Moon, one realizes how interdependent life on our planet truly is.

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