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August 5-8, 2021 Darrington Music Park Darrington, WA
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Countdown to Summer Meltdown

Early Bird Tickets Coming December 4!

Here comes our 20th Melt!

Whatever year it might be for you, there are some things you gotta know about early bird tickets.

One, they sell out really fast. Last year, people thought the website was broken—but no. That’s just how much we love each other. 🤪

Two, the reason they sell out really fast is because they get you early entry on Thursday AND they’re the most affordable tickets for all four days of Meltdown you can get.

Three, because we understand the holidays are coming, there are payment plans available to help lock in the low price and the big benefits and pay over time.

See you back here on December 4, and back HERE August 6-9, 2020!