We have some awesome workshops this year!

Thank you to the presenters for their wonderful contributions.

Workshop Schedules

Stay tuned for the full schedule of when and where you can find all these awesome workshops!

Workshop Details

Beginning AcroYoga Foundations
With Jillian Chong
Have you ever seen someone fly on someone else’s feet and wanted to give it a try? Now is your chance! AcroYoga is an exciting practice combining the mindfulness of yoga infused with the connection of partner acrobatics. Come learn basics of flying, basing and spotting in a fun, safe and supportive environment. We will learn basic foundational skills and poses followed by a relaxing therapeutic sequence to stretch those tired festival muscles. Suitable for any level, please bring a mat, no experience or partner needed!

Adventures in Authenticity
With Ben Browner and Andrea Jeffery
Festival-goers are invited to take part in a series of games designed to energize and enliven your connection to self and others through curiosity, silliness and surprise! These exercises can range from narrative conversation, to goofy improvisation, to embodiment and empathy. Paired and group experiences will be guided by skilled facilitators, and participants are invited to play at whatever level of depth they desire.

CAUTION: Anything can happen! This may include hilarious and awkward moments or unexpected intimacy! It promises to bring us closer to our humanity, and our planetary family. It’s an open container, so come and go as you please! Looking forward!

Deconstructing Border Imperialism
With Victoria Matey
A larger conversation about borders and the structures that benefit off of border imperialism. Most people would have no idea where to start unpacking what this all means–I’ve created an activity that makes all this information accessible and relatable to our every day experiences. Unpacking language, public safety narratives, economic systems and more in order to understand how we are consumed by the political rhetoric that continues to dehumanize, exploit and dispose of communities of color. Along with learning some of the terminology we will also use this information to understand how other systems such as our prison industry is inter-sectional to border imperialism. I know! How is this related to a music festival in Darrington, WA? Well immigration has been the hot topic for decades and very few people understand why people migrant to begin with. We also live close to the Canadian/US border which practices border imperialism every single day and we should be talking about it.

Green Yoga
With Cami Green
To guide as many people as possible through a gentle yoga Vinyasa flow for one hour or more. I will play music, do adjustments, make everyone feel comfortable and at ease. I would also like to guide a Hatha class and Yin class to give a variety of styles to choose from and enjoy. No yoga mat will be necessary if practicing in the grass but always welcome.

Indigenous Wisdom
With Paul C’IYOKTEN Wagner

Paul C’IYOKTEN Wagner is a member of Saanich First Nations and has been speaking out on social environmental issues since he was a boy at City Hall meetings working to keep toxic fluoride out of drinking water. A strong advocate of ancient ways and teachings of the circle of life as well as the return of our Elder women to guide our societies in to life.

In 2013 C’IYOKTEN assisted with Idle No More rallies and actions here in Seattle as well as speaking at them. In December 2015 he was honored to speak alongside Jill Stein and Deborah Parker at the Cop21 Climate Talks in Paris with the Salmon is Life Coalition. After participating in the Seattle to Standing Rock Canoe Journey in Late August 2016 he started the campaign “Winter Shelter For Standing Rock” where he and volunteers built “Tarpees” (teepee-like winter shelters) for Indigenous Water Protector families (with elders). To date, 56 of these 12 person arctic shelters with custom wood stove heaters have been gifted to various points of resistance in Canada and the US and are still being gifted today.

After returning to Seattle C’IYOKTEN formed Protectors of the Salish Sea, an Indigenous led organization dedicated to ending the era of fossil fuel in our Salish Sea and beyond through direct divestment actions. Protector’s latest campaign is to gift a Coast Salish Canoe to every nation in the Salish Sea creating a Water Protector Tribal Youth Canoe Alliance where tribal youth will help build their own family canoes. C’IYOKTEN has organized numerous walks and rallies, co-authored the Tokitae/ Salish Sea Whale Sanctuary Proclamation (which has begun the process of recognizing our Salish Sea as Salish Sea Whale Sanctuary to save our Wild Salmon and Orcas from extinction as well as the return our L-Pod orca Tokitae (AKA Lolita) to our Salish Sea releasing her from 48 years of slavery at Miami SeaAquarium).

Manifesting Magick: Cacao Ceremony
With Jerred Locke and Natalie Stryffeler
Meet the spirit of Cacao, feel her energizing embrace, receive her potent medicine and plunge into the boundless depths of the one heart. In this unified field of consciousness and unconditional love we support each other in re-discovering our infinite potential and manifesting the life of our dreams. We destroy our limiting beliefs, pierce the veils of illusion and peer into the deepest wells of our truth.

About & Benefits:
This ceremony is the embodiment of our own manifestations from 2017. We envisioned ourselves offering this workshop at festivals and did so the following year four times. This experience attracts those that need it, it heals and transforms, it clears a space so that we can all do our greatest work with the support of our tribe.

A life-changing manifestation practice that helps people achieve their wildest dreams.

Interactive and connects people that would otherwise be strangers.

Unites people in love and gratitude, contributing to the higher purpose and magic of the festival.

Serves as an intro to plant medicine and communing with plant spirits.

Reawakened Breath: Cacao + Breathwork Journey
With Jerred Locke and Natalie Stryffeler
Awaken to your Breath and experience it as the deep teacher that it is. Alongside the energetic and loving spirit of cacao we’ll embark on a journey to transcend normal states of consciousness and expand into the infinite possibility of the formless realms. Here, aligned with the vibration of love, we begin the process of liberating ourselves from the chains of patterns that no longer serve us. Using our breath we’ll open our hearts to new capacities and awaken to even deeper levels of our truth.

Why & Benefits:
While powerful alone, together, these two medicines dance together in perfect counter-point. Each playing a vital roll in shifting our consciousness and way of being. The spirit of cacao takes us from our minds and into our awakened hearts, the instrument through which do our breathwork. Our breath, a sacred tool, reconnects us to our soul’s purpose and lays to rest old patterns and limiting beliefs. This workshop unites us with our deepest truths through a heart full of love and gratitude. It liberates us from our imagined chains and aligns us to a greater sense of peace and purpose, knowing, creativity and clarity.

Reawakens us to our purpose, divinity and creativity.

Through the rhythmic movement of our breath we destroy and create again our patterns and habits.

Unites people in love and gratitude which then ripples out into the festival.

Serves as an intro to plant medicine and communing with plant spirits.

Rhythmic Flow
With Leila Magnolia
Find a balance between work and play through hula-hooping!
Welcoming all beings who love developing creative and disciplinary bodywork while we play with creative expression with hoop apparatus skills. The hour and fifteen-minute workshop will engage hoopers of all ages, from beginner to intermediate, with basic rhythmic gymnastics style of training, along with flow artistry in hoop-yoga.

The first half of the workshop is designed to give students the opportunity to focus on learning or perfecting tricks, while the second half of class is opened up for students to freely express themselves through their own practice and partner work. Hooping has given many students, including myself, the ability to find pleasure in the body through meditation, and an alternative creative outlet. Know there is focus and fun involved. Provided hoops are limited, so please bring your own if prepared! Kids are encouraged and welcomed to participate as well.

Sacred Vibrations: Journey Through Sound
With Jerred Locke and Natalie Stryffeler
This is an immersive meditation guided by the resonant tones of alchemical crystal singing bowls, gong, flute, shamanic vocal toning, mantra and other sacred instruments. By surrendering to the vibrations we dive into our infinite inner worlds, embarking on an inward journey of deep healing and exploration.

About & Benefits:
At Burning Man 2014 we experienced our first singing bowl meditation, had the trajectory of our lives changed forever and have been sharing this medicine ever since. This powerful space, a deep journey through sound, transcends time and space and reveals to us ourSelves. It brings us light and shadow – it’s the work that asks of us to bear the mantle of our truth.

Serves as a safe space for an individual journey/experience.
Is a grounding experience for those seeking restoration.
May be out-of-body for those journeyers seeking exploration.
Entrains brainwaves to align listeners to a collective vibration.
Accessible to new and practiced meditators.

Wilderness Awareness School
With Keith Koch


Adult Workshop: Elemental Intelligence – Core Routines of Self-Awareness and Nature Connection.

In this workshop, we will learn ancestral techniques and practices that produce profound results in cultivating the relationship with self, community, and the natural world. Most of these practices can be done anywhere, anytime. We will dip our toes into sensory exercises, natural/functional movement methodology, and primitive skills to re-mind and awaken our inner wisdom through the intelligence of the body and the natural world.

Kids Workshop: Awakening Your Inner Animal.

Animals have always been our greatest teachers, and in this workshop we will be playing games, both old and new, to bring about our inner agility, imagination, and creativity in connection with each other and the natural world. Games will be best suited for 7-12 year-olds, but all inner-children will be welcome. We will change up the games based on the number of participants, ages present, and ability.