Summer Meltdown is honored to welcome a wonderful roster of local, national, and international artists and their installations to the event this year!

Get to know more about what there is to see, hear, touch, and play around with!

Reverie Iridis

Bellingham, WA

Iridis Reverie is a large immersive light installation with a changing day/night component. It invites viewers to stop & take a moment to explore their surroundings in new ways or to relax in a gentle glow. Watching the playful lights inside at night is an easy way to get lost in one’s thoughts.

About The Artist
Kristin L Nelson is a light explorer, naturalist, electronic musician, & planetarium coordinator from Bellingham, WA. Her light art pieces have been previously featured at Bellingham Arts & Music Festival, Lusio. events, & last year she brought the daytime light joy of Camp Bubble to Summer Meltdown. She aims to create immersive pieces that incite curiosity & wonder, using mysterious natural phenomena that invite viewers to explore new perspectives through their own initiative. Kristin’s pieces are inspired by her life in the Pacific Northwest, oddity, & everyday beauty. “reverie – the state of being pleasantly lost in one’s thoughts


Bellingham, WA

Flora is an interactive art installation that allows anyone to experience the subtle world of plant life. Living in the “hustle and bustle” of everyday, it can be easy to forget that the rich ecosystem we live in, is alive. It communicates. It feels. And with the right tools, we can translate the language of plant life into one that we can perceive.

Using the right material, we are able to register the frequency of the Flora. Then, after a carefully written code we’re able to translate that frequency into a language that we can perceive; light, color, sound, and music. Once this is expressed, the user can then interact with Flora by altering the sounds through which it speaks or even choosing a separate scale or “musical accent.”

Flora is a reminder that there is much more to understand about the subtle forms of life around us. Come engage, interact, and listen to the sounds of Flora!

About The Artist
Tate has a passion for sound. Over the last 5 years he has studied, explored, and experimented- from Engineering & Production to the many modes of Sound Therapy, both young and old. He brings an enthusiastic interest to the world of sound and currently attends Western Washington University- writing his concentration on Aural Education through Interactive Art Installation. He loves to teach and he loves to learn. Stop on by and say hello!


Bellingham, WA

Geo Shine is an interactive installation inspired by the 1980’s Lite Brit. Geo Shine will be a 8’ diameter circle light box made of galvanized steel. The face will have a hexagon grid to inspire geometric patterns, similar to those found in music and nature.

432- 500 ml reclaimed plastic water bottles create the “pegs” and pixels to the imagery. These are filled with colored water and inserted into the grid. White light refracts through the colored water illuminating the bottles and ephemeral designs. To add dimension and magic, the RGB LED light strips change color, fade, flash, and are reactive to music. I have selected materials made to withstand the elements of a pacific northwest festival.

In 2016 I developed a prototype from scrap construction materials. Now with the experience of that version I understand what is necessary for a beautiful, durable and transportable project. My hope is to create a space that is playful, fun and encourages interaction for everyone who passes by.

About The Artist
Rose’s passion lies in creating places and experiences that inspire people to love where they are. Through urban design, creative placemaking and community connections, she believes we can create resilient, sustainable cities. Rose is a leader in green building and smart growth advocacy. Rose obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Planning and Environmental Policy from Western Washington University, is a LEED Accredited Professional and a Certified Sustainable Building Advisor. She is energized by the innovation and creativity in our community and is committed to helping create spaces that transform, nourish, and reflect the beauty of our place.

The Sun and Moon Dial

Bellingham WA

The Sun and Moon Dial is a elevated shrine installation during the day that will incorporate video mapping projections and LED lights at night. This project wishes to bridge physical sculpture like (wood, crystals, plants and bone) with digital element’s to create a unique and dynamic experience through out the weekend. At night viewers will have access to control the visual content projected on the sculpture via an Ipad/midi controller.

About The Artist
Somnium is the collaboration between Ryan Hargis and Sir Zachary Thompson based out the beautiful Bellingham Washington. We specialize in projection mapping, stage design, 3D video installation, painting, drawing and photography.

Kizmet’s Future Light Mural

Toronto, ON

I create large scale Futuristic psychedelic colour changing light reactive murals. I paint Live during the daytime and treat the day painting as a performance piece, then as the night approached the lights go up on the mural and it comes to life with some cool colour changing morphing and shifting psychedelia. Its cool to see peoples reaction when a painting they see during the day becomes an entirely different experience once the lights go up on it.
For Multi day festivals I usually do the basic outline and mapping of the mural on the first day. Second day I finish the mural completely before the sun goes down and then the mural becomes its own entity at night and people get to experience the full creative process from start to finish.

About The Artist
Kizmet Gabriel, a Toronto-based graffiti street artist, musician, painter, and storyteller is actively involved in community reclamation and responsible graffiti practices and workshops. He has spent most of his career creating spaces for artists to showcase their own works through his studio art gallery and the organization of mural events such as The Reclamation Project, North Americas largest graffiti production mural, located in Toronto Canada. His current works explore manifestations of future beings and electric landscapes. A Future Light Mural painted in a live setting then brought to life at night through creative lighting and reactive paints.

Marlena Kellogg

Bellingham, WA

About The Artist
Artist Marlena Kellogg uses the medium of face and body paint to notorize affirmations, cultural identity, inviting the wild play, vulnerability, and childlike exploration to surface during festivities. She has traveled all over the West Coast USA, Europe, and Cuba painting the skin of performers, artists, models and cultural leaders- parents and children alike. The space is quiet small, a performance between a french easel set up with face and Body paint, an artist (me) notarizing affirmations or oaths, and the person seeking consultation. Considered Energy artwork, my installation creates social situations affirming embodyment. Through the use of medicinal face and body paint, artist Marlena Kellogg holds space for those festival goers looking for more depth in their experience.

Live Art

Alameda, CA

I’ve live painted at over 500 shows and am the coordinator for the wormhole mural squad and would love to come jam on some canvases out at your show/ put up a display. Mixed media abstract and pop art canvases live art created on site, mural size work for an event of this magnitude.

About The Artist

Festival Confessional

Bellingham, WA

The Festival Confessional is a place where you confess your wins, not your sins. An old vintage phone booth becomes a place to anonymously reflect, tell stories, and record the great vibes and good times we all experience at Meltdown. Staged near the photo booth, we envision this piece fully complete with an eye catching sign above the door and LED lights lining the inside and out, drawing onlookers closer. Inside is a funky vintage feel including a rotary phone that begs to be picked up. On the other end is “The Listener”. The Listener will be out of sight but connected to the phone line. When the Listener is on duty, they can offer entertaining and exploratory dialogue for those who confess. Guests in the booth will see an info board prompting them to speak their truth to the Listener. The topic for confession will change frequently and will be anything from story telling to specifics about the festival. The phone line will be recorded and transcribed after the haze of the weekend has cleared.

About The Artist
My name is Luke and I am a goofy guy with wild ideas and hair to match. I live in Bellingham and created Portraits à Gogo with my girlfriend Ashlee Carstens 5 years ago. When we aren’t transporting the booth by tandem bike to weddings and festivals, you can find us sailing in the bay, playing sports ball, or combing our wigs. We like to think we are naturally artistic in the photo booth world but we really only set the stage. We rely on the kid inside of all of us to make life (and photos) more interesting and collectively enjoyable.


Bellingham, WA

Each angle the piece is viewed at changes the piece. As the wind blows and viewers move under and around the installation suspended from tree branches a new sight it seen. They will be lit with color changing LED strips on the inside of the cocoons at night.

Inside a butterfly’s cocoon or a honeybee’s hive no one can be sure what is really going on, but with growth and hard work a beautiful transformation takes place. Metamorphosis is inspired by the mental and physical transformations I have experienced at music and art festivals across the world. These temporary spaces are a cocoon, a creative and safe space where we work together to emerge as even more amazing creatures then when we entered. The honeycomb and flower of life patterns remind the viewer of nature, big and small. We are all connected; each being needs the other to survive.

About The Artist
Motivated by the earth and organic forms Aisha explores all dimensions of a space with her installation pieces. Studying Studio Art at Western Washington University with a concentration in Fibers and Fabric, she explores textures with a combination of mediums. Aisha has experienced traditional weaving, batik, and embroidery through a field study of the hill tribes in Northern Thailand. The stories and strong women behind the textiles of the world inspire her to create works involving fabric and thread. Seeking to build art communities she coordinated and exhibited visual art at Bellingham Arts and Music Festival.

The Orbitron Ride & Play Area

Bellingham, WA

The Orbitron was invented by NASA in the ’80s to prepare astronauts for zero gravity. There are 3 steel rings that move independently and only by the rider’s propulsion. It is a true work out and sometimes a once in a lifetime experience. At night we can light up the 3 rings with separate colors and add to the overall visual effect of the nightlife created near the Meltdown stages.

Anyone above the age of 7 can ride and it is most loved by teenagers. Because of this younger crowd attraction, we will also be offering simple games like mini golf while riders wait. We also want to hold a 2-4 hour ride time for Meltdown staff and volunteers, and will give any musician/artist with a backstage pass the first spot in line.

We are Tom Weeks, Tracy Weeks, Tim Holmes and 1 other operator to be determined. It is ideal for us to have 2 operators at a time and have 2 sets of operators so that we can keep the ride open as much as possible during the festival. This ride is free and rides last between 1-9 minutes. We require a 10′ x 10′ area and provide caution tape and safe space around the mo the Orbitron while in motion.

We are open to other suggestions in order to create the optimal Meltdoown Orbitron experience!

About The Artist
We are family friendly festival goers who love to provide a fun and safe atmosphere at events. We have experience operating the Orbitron at the City of Bellingham’s Night Markets, Boundary Bay & Stone’s Throw Breweries, and Cascadia festival. The Orbitron is a hit with everyone and especially provides a meet up place for kids and their parents. We love describing it to people and having fun conversations about physics and the human body. We are very social and inviting people and are readily available for festival goers to enjoy this by watching or riding.

Giant Jenga

Bellingham, WA

My GIANT JENGA set is a wonderful interactive, playful, community gathering game. Both young and the old can enjoy building up the blocks until they crumble down!!! I have 2 sets to bring!!

Succulent Woman

Charlotte, NC

About The Artist
I go by MCOT (Making Clouds Of Thought). My goal is to help the viewer’s find a little peace by taking in deep appreciation of nature and our ties to it. I add layers of colors to make the image much more 3D, angling the paint can so that the paint dusts leave behind several translucent layers on top of a base color.

“Eyes of Meltdown”

Los Angeles, CA

About The Artist
Collin Salazar is a self-discovered artist based out Los Angeles, CA. Salazar’s vision continues to evolve with various materials to create powerful portraits and expressions. He is driven to portray the most impactful expressions, allowing the viewer to fully immerse themselves in the presence in front of them.

In 2015, Salazar began producing his first body of work, reaching thousands of people through social media, galleries, and other outlets. He’s showcased at multiple art exhibitions, live painted at major music festivals and most recently begun creating large scale murals. Salazar continues to expand his work to exhibits and showcases worldwide!” The “Eyes of Meltdown” art installation is a visual art performance that consist of live painting a large scale mural throughout the entirety of Summer Meltdown Festival 2017. Eyes are one of the most powerful forms of communication. My work focuses on portraying eyes that encourage the viewer to connect and reflect both internally and externally. The goal of the installation is to allow the audience to experience a start to finish immersive piece that captures the eyes of Meltdown!