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See you in 2022!
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Summer Meltdown Ethos

Twenty years. What a ride!

If nothing else, we’re still learning, and expanding more than ever the idea of what Meltdown can be. This festival holds a special place in the hearts of so many, and it’s everyone’s responsibility to take all of this goodness we’ve built, and make more.

Worldwide, folks are recognizing how much everyday actions have impact, and being more intentional about what they do. Meltdown’s horizons are widening too, and you will see us dedicating more energy toward hosting workshops, multidisciplinary artists, and guest speakers. Together, we have the power to create a culture based on mutual appreciation, inclusivity, and kindness —and does our planet ever need more of that!

Please read on for ways to help bring more change-making energy to Summer Meltdown. Meltdown folks definitely possess the innovation, creativity, and audacity to bring more beauty into this world!

Come as Your Best Self

There are many ways to be your fullest, most vibrant self at Meltdown. Taking care of your body is essential to every single one of them, so first—pace yourself, eat well, stay hydrated, and be a purveyor of good vibes. Help others bring their best selves too with gentle suggestion and sharing. Here are some resources to help along the way to your best Meltdown ever:

  1. Bring a reusable water bottle and keep it filled up! There are hydration stations located throughout the festival grounds with delicious mountain water. Drink it up.
  2. Meltdown offers yoga every morning. This is a perfect time to center yourself and connect with your body. After yoga, treat yourself to a shower, and greet the day fully cared for!
  3. Use our shady forests and cool river to rest and rejuvenate. Naps are a Melty must! If you let worries about missing out with other people guide you too much, you might end up missing out on yourself.
  4. If you or a friend are in need of care, visit the kind folks at the Medic Tent. You will be totally safe there and in very good hands.

Extend Your Care to Others

Once we have taken care of ourselves, we can extend that care to all of the amazing humans around us! The vibe at Summer Meltdown is one of kindness, creativity, and kaleidoscopic kinship! Help nurture this culture by bringing your best self into connection with others. We’re all in this together!

We are weaving more communal activities into our weekend! Join us for the Opening & Closing Ceremonies on Thursday & Sunday, where we’ll hear from indigenous mentors, meet new people, and get grounded in our intentions for the weekend. Also new this year are Guest Speakers at the Forest Stage. Come chill out, get inspired, and connect with folks with common interests.

Even if you never make it to any of this stuff, just be a good friend and neighbor. Help restore others’ faith in humanity by lending a helping hand, giving an unexpected gift, and respecting others’ boundaries. No means no. Only a sober and consensual “yes” means yes. We’ve gotta be the change we want to see. Please find a festival staff member if you observe someone who needs a reminder.

Respect the Land

The town of Darrington, the Sauk-Suiattle Tribe, and the Bluegrass Music Park are our hosts for the weekend. Our intention is to honor these relationships by respecting the land and the local community. Please pack extra smiles for those who live along the route to Meltdown, and consider supporting their businesses. We aren’t just visitors, we are guests in this beautiful region.

Meltdown’s site is a gem, and we take special pride in maintaining it. Please be a positive force in our gorgeous home, and properly dispose of your waste and clean up anything out of place. You can read more about our Green Team’s awesome efforts on our Sustainability page.

Bring it into our World

Each year Meltdown supports local nonprofits doing incredible work. Whether gifting tickets for fundraisers, inviting in folks from underserved groups, or giving away tickets to support voting rights, we strive to make a positive impact outside of our festival weekend.

Thank you to all of the changemakers working hard to make this world a better place! In your own lives, we hope Meltdown will expand your mind and heart so you can do the same.