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August 5-8, 2021 Darrington Music Park Darrington, WA
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Countdown to Summer Meltdown

Workshop + Art Installation Applications

Thanks for being interested in contributing something cool for the Meltdown fam this August!


Offering a workshop or bringing your art is a great way to volunteer and contribute. Send us your artistic, educational, or just plain fun idea!

Below, you will find detailed applications that will help the Meltdown team to understand your project and how it could best fit into our Melty ecosystem! Your thorough and careful attention as you complete the submission process is a huge deal to us. We really appreciate it!

Applications are accepted January 28 through April 15, 2020, at 11:59 pm PT. Please note that selected projects may not be contacted until the last week of April!

Do’s and Don’ts

  • DO submit a careful proposal via the application form below before April 15, 2020
  • DON’T be intimidated by this big form – we are accepting ideas of all sizes and shapes. If your idea enthuses you, please apply!
  • DO be patient – you may not be contacted until after April 15, when submissions close
  • DO plan to have your friends involved if you need help – you can request volunteer tickets for up to five (5) team members
  • DON’T ask for more volunteer tickets than you need for the project. We are working with limited resources, and a large ticket ask may make the difference in selecting your project over another!
  • DO consider that your photos, project descriptions, personal statement, links, and more may be shared publicly if your project is selected!
  • DO plan to provide your own transportation to and from the festival
  • DON’T plan for a project that features food or beverages, drug references, vending of any kind, or any dangerous aspects
  • DO make sure your team is ready to be professional and committed to meeting all requests from the Meltdown team in a timely manner
  • DO allocate extra time and thought to the management of your project. Timeline and protocols will need to be in strict compliance with the festival-wide timeline. Failure to comply will be cause for early dismissal, and forfeiture of your volunteer tickets
  • DO smile. This is going to be fun. We’re beyond excited to work with some new faces (hopefully yours!) to make Meltdown even better!